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Hannah’s Story

Hi, I’m Hannah.

I’m an 18-year-old professionally trained dancer from Melbourne. I’ve studied dance full-time since 2014.

Dance is my biggest passion and I’ve been trained in a range of styles, including ballet, contemporary, jazz and hip hop.

I’ve had amazing opportunities to dance in theatres, arenas, online videos, competitions and festivals, and I’ve loved every second.

Hannah Kirkby

About Hannah

Hannah started dancing at the age of three and her love for dance has shaped her journey ever since.

Starting full-time dance school at the age of twelve, she’s professionally trained in ballet, contemporary/lyrical and Russian character. She also has years of experience in jazz and hip hop. She’s danced Charleston, Fosse jazz, street jazz, urban and Kpop.

Initially groomed in the RAD syllabus until the age of 12, she started studying the Vaganova method of ballet full-time at Ballet Theatre Australia under the tutelage of Leeanne Rutherford and Oleg Timursin in 2014.

Completing the pre-professional full-time program in 2019, she has years of experience performing to crowds in theatres and in arenas.

In 2019, Hannah co-founded Cypher Dance Crew on YouTube. Along with their growing online fanbase, Cypher has performed in festivals, competitions and dance videos.

Part of running a dance crew involves teaching and organising choreography. This has allowed Hannah to develop her leadership and choreography skills, which prepared her to choreograph a lyrical solo for Hillsong’s Christmas Spectacular 2019 at the Margaret Court Arena.